Monday, April 20, 2015


Written by Christina L. Myers
Columbia Recruiting Battalion
He wanted a career in law enforcement and he thought joining the Army Reserve would be a strong resume builder to help him become a police officer.  “Little did I know, I would end up enjoying the Army so much that I would want to continue with it on a full time basis,” said Sgt. 1st Class Reid Biswell, a 12-year Army veteran.  What was initially intended to help jump-start his law enforcement career, has now led him to a thriving career in the Army Reserve and ultimately Army recruiting.
Though Biswell did not join the Army specifically to be a recruiter, he soon discovered he liked the job.  “My first job in the Army was as a Unit Supply Specialist and recruiting was not something I foresaw myself doing,” he said. However, he said he found a knack for recruiting and ten years later is still proud to serve.
                  “Recruiting is one of my favorite things to do in the Army,” said Biswell.  Speaking with young people and helping to influence their lives one direction or another is what Biswell admires most about his job.  “It gives me a lot of pride and joy to be able to sort of put my stamp on what they are going to do with their future,” said Biswell.  “I can afford them the opportunity to take advantage of what the Army can offer them.”
Biswell’s recruiting journey began with the New England Recruiting Battalion.  He currently serves with the Augusta Recruiting Center for the Columbia Recruiting Battalion.  Col. Standish and Command Sgt. Maj. King recognized Biswell recently for his dedication to recruitment during the Columbia Recruiting Battalion’s Annual Training Conference.

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