Thursday, September 5, 2013

She wants to travel and go to college and the Army will help her

Allison Simmons is a 17-year-old from Kings Mountain, N.C. and joined the Army to travel and the college incentives.
Allison Simmons will serve in the Army as a Paralegal Specialist. Read more about her.

-Why I joined the Army?

“I have always wanted to travel and the Army will provide that. I also like the college incentives. I also like having a sense of self purpose as a high school student. I also want to stay in shape and I know the Army is big on physical fitness.”

-What I hope to get from the Army?

“I would like to receive a college education without all the debt that normally comes with it. I also would like to see places that I wouldn’t have had the chance to see otherwise. “

-What can I bring to the Army?

“I bring my leadership skills. I also bring a theatrical background and a creative way of thinking. I am Army Strong!”

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