Friday, June 24, 2011

SSG Frank Makes Alabama Relief Personal

By Chloe Rodgers, Columbia Recruiting Battalion.

Staff Sergeant Jeremy Frank loads packs of bottled water onto a trailer and pauses to wipe his brow. He has stopped in Fort Jackson on his way back to Morganton, N.C. before he leaves for Alabama, where he is taking loads of supplies and donations for the Alabama tornado victims.
Frank loads bottled water onto his trailer in Fort Jackson

“I’m basically raising donations for the people that need it. A lot of people are getting help but there are a lot that aren’t getting anything,” says SSG Frank. “This is just something I feel like I need to do as a soldier.”
            Frank is taking over two weeks of un-paid personal leave from the Morganton Recruiting Station in Morganton, N.C. to personally collect donations and drive and deliver the supplies to Alabama in early July.
“I always say, ‘Do go to others and good comes to you’,” Frank explained.  And good he is doing.  Frank has tirelessly gone door-to-door in Morganton to ask neighbors and local companies for donations for the Alabama victims.
Frank excitedly collects donations in Morganton
            “I’m taking roughly 4,000 pounds of bottled water, 50 boxes of clothes, about 100 packs of baby wipes and baby food; some washers and dryers, some furniture…. I’ve just been going out and asking my neighbors what they can give. It’s for a good cause, and I think these people down in Alabama need all the help they can get.”
             Frank’s do-good attitude comes from a background of military service and volunteer work.  Coming from a military family, Frank joined the Army in 2004. He now lives in Charlotte and works in Morganton, N.C.  Frank has also worked with Camp Good Days & Special Times, a children’s camp for kids who are dealing with cancer.  He works with the camp at least once a year, and has been doing so for the past eight years.  Frank’s love of helping people has surpassed duty and become a personal mission- like his current mission for the Alabama victims.  
Frank drives around in Columbia asking for donations
            “I think the Alabama victims need more help than they’re getting right now, and someone’s got to do it – and I’m glad to be that person.”             
            Frank is currently in Morganton until he leaves for Alabama on July 6th. He is still asking for donations. If you have anything you would like to donate to the Alabama tornado victims, please call SSG Frank at 1-877-267-8956. All donations are encouraged and appreciated.


  1. I cannot express enough how proud I am of my son. Jeremy has always had a heart of gold with a sincere concern for his fellow man. Some people would see that as a sign of weakness. Don't under estimate my Jeremy. He also has the strength and soul of a soldier. So proud of you baby. We love you. Love, Mom

  2. Mary, we have enjoyed working with your son, Staff Sgt. Frank, as one of our recruiters. So often we don't learn about the things recruiters do in their communities, so we were glad he was willing to share this story.
    Leslie Ann Sully, Public Affairs Officer


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