Tuesday, December 26, 2017

'I became a Soldier...'

Pfc. Paul Matthews, 34, from Claremont, N.C. was recruited by Staff Sgt. Jeremy Trop at the Hickory Army Recruiting Center in Hickory, N.C.

Below is what Matthews had to say about the Army after he graduated from basic training at Fort Jackso, S.C.

“Working in healthcare for most of my adult life, I have felt like I could be doing something more meaningful. After spending a lot of time reflecting and discussing things with my best friend, who is an Army veteran, I decided that I’ve always been drawn to the military.”
“So far my Army experience is close to what I expected, mainly because my brother and best friend have both been enlisted. There has been some difference though as they were both in combat MOSes (Military Occupation Code).”
“I have found learning to shoot a weapon as a slight challenge since I have never fired a weapon before. I look forward to improving that skill as I continue my career.”

“I have enjoyed my experience here in basic training more than I expected and I’ve discovered new things about myself. I am looking forward to continuing to explore the Army lifestyle and become a useful part of the U.S. Army.”

This 'I became a Soldier...' interview was first printed in the Fort Jackson Leader newspaper in Dec. 14, 2017 issue.

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