Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Columbia's Master Sgt. Diaz Shows Army Strength at 2011 Lake Murray Triathlon

(Columbia, S.C.) – Columbia’s Master Sgt. Kenneth Diaz brought some positive publicity to the Army recently while competing in Lake Murray’s 2011 Triathlon.
            Diaz serves as Senior Reserve Guidance Counselor at Fort Jackson's MEPS, supervising enlistments for Army Reserves and training other advisors. Formerly a Marine, Diaz has served in the USMC and the Army for 22 years. 
            Diaz recently began participating in triathlons, and hopes to bring some attention to the Army through his personal feats. “I wanted to find something to get the Army name out there, so events like this are great,” Diaz says. “It’s not so much a recruiting event, but something where more people can see that we’re out there and active in the community."
            “I wear my Army team jersey, my yellow helmet-
I try to stay with Army colors- and I definitely hear people cheering me on more,” says Diaz. “Training takes a lot of preparation and self-motivation, but it’s worth it.”
The Lake Murray Triathlon took place on Sunday, May 8th at Dreher Island State Park and consisted of a 750-meter swim, 16-mile bike ride, and a 5K run.
              Before the triathlon Sunday, Diaz showed excitement for the event. “It’s finally here and I’m looking forward to it,” exclaimed Diaz. “I’m happy, I’m excited, and I’m ready.”
 The 2011 Lake Murray Triathlon’s benefits went toward the SADS Foundation.
“It’s a great thing to participate in, and I’m more than happy to put my body and the Army name out there for such a good cause,” says Diaz.
The 2012 Lake Murray Triathlon will be held Sunday May 6, 2012. For more information about this and other triathlons, visit www.setupevents.com.

Story and photos by Chloe Rodgers, Columbia Recruiting Battalion

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